Star Trek

Episode 122 – Star Trek: The Next Jen – with Jennifer Lambe

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On this episode we officially kick off The Next Jen – featuring Hal-Con’s Jennifer Lambe! Listen in as we start gearing up for “early 2020” and the latest Trek, Picard!


Episode 68 – New Frontier / Final Frontier

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Monster Mike is back this week! Justice League is still in theatres and if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe Monster Mike can persuade you with his thoughts on DC’s latest. We’ll also close the loop on Star Trek: Discovery. The mid-season finale left the crew of the Discovery somewhere where they don’t know where they are…OR did it?

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Episode 61 – Star Trekkin’

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We had an amazing time in Halifax this past weekend at Hal-Con 2017! you’ll have to wait until our October 4th broadcast to hear all of our guest interviews and panel highlights, but that won’t silence our praise and post-con giddiness on this week’s episode. We’ll tell you all about how we spent our time during our 36-hour whirlwind adventure to YHZ!

We’ll also be talking MORE STAR TREK – because September is just that kind of month! Long-awaited Star Trek: Discovery premiered Sunday night and we think it was completely worth the wait (despite all of our grumbling while we waited)! This week also mark’s the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so be sure to tune in to hear us share our favorite TNG episodes.

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Episode 53 – Speaking of Thrones XII…and more!

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speaking of thronesGame of Thrones returned Sunday and with lethal results!

Don’t miss this week’s episode of Speaking of Thrones on CHSR 97.9 FM Wednesday, June 19 at 9PM!

And on the second half of the show, our fall preview. Two words. Star Trek.


Episode 24 – Star Trek Beyond and DC Small Screen

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On this week’s episode Ryan spoils Star Trek Beyond – in its entirety – for Jamie  (who STILL hasn’t seen it?! For shame.)

We also welcome Monster Mike back to the program for an update on what’s what in the DC small screen universe!

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Episode 021 – Cullen Bunn

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6GUN-50-4x6-FNL-WEB-600x923The Sixth Gun ended its run with issue #50 earlier this month and on this week’s episode, series writer Cullen Bunn joins Ryan for a look back at some of the most memorable moments. Cullen is also writing the upcoming Battlestar Galactica story from Dynamite Entertainment, which promises all new adventures in far-flung space and is sourced from the original 1978 television classic! The subject “Games of Thrones” may have come up as well…as it should!

Coming up on July 3rd, we’ll be airing our very special 2-hour season finale episode! “Star Trek” turns 50 and we want to celebrate. And we have guests!

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Episode 019 – The Flash Season 2 Finale

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On this week’s episode, we’ll talk to Monster Mike about last week’s cliffhanger finale of CW’s “The Flash”. Has Barry gone from narrowly averting an infinite crisis to creating a dangerous time paradox?

“X-Men Apocalypse” gently roared into theatres last week, but with so much ado about “Dawn of Justice” and “Civil War”, how did Marvel’s mutants fare in the box office battle of the titans? We’re happy to share OUR thoughts on the matter!

And finally, with the “summer hiatus” season upon us, “The Recap Sequence” is marching towards its own season finale on July 3rd. Between now and then, Episodes 19 – 22 will be reduced to 30 minutes in length, supplemented by “Speaking of Thrones” on our next few Sunday broadcasts.

BUT – on July 3rd, we will be devoting the full hour to celebrating 50 years of “Star Trek”! It’s no secret that we are huge Trek fans so you can be assured that we’re planning a huge finale to our first season!

We’re not done yet, but it’s never too early to thank our listeners and supporters, so thank you! We’re already looking forward to Season 2!

Episode 018 – Fear the Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

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On this week’s episode we’ll be taking a closer look at the “Fear The Walking Dead” mid-season finale. Is there something in the water in Baja or has everyone just lost their minds?! The group has fractured in more ways than one, but we’ll have to wait until August 21st to find out just how much damage has been done.

We’ll also talk about the new “Star Trek: Beyond” trailer as well as some exciting news from the folks behind the upcoming fan-film “Star Trek Axanar”. The production had been halted due to copyright litigation brought forward by Paramount Pictures, but a “high-profile intervention” may have just cleared the path for Axanar to boldly go forward!

And finally, we’re proud to announce that starting June 14th, “Speaking of Thrones” will  be carried by CHSR 97.9FM on Tuesdays at 6:30PM (Atlantic)! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, don’t worry! We’ll be playing Episode 005 on the second half of Sunday night’s show as a preview of what’s coming next month to CHSR.

But that’s not all! Get ready for “Speaking of the Dead”! Our “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead” companion piece will replace “Speaking of Thrones” on Tuesdays, starting August 23rd, and will continue until we switch back into Thrones gear in April 2017!

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