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Episode 136 – The Arc Recap – Mk XV: Agent Carter

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We kick off 2020 with an all new episode of The Arc Recap with Brent O’Hara!

This week’s episode pays tribute to a true Marvel legend: Agent Peggy Carter. Travel 100 years back in time to her humble beginnings that led to the creation of SHIELD, the transformation of Steve Rogers and so much more!

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The Bard’s barbs: Antaeus Theatre Company raises money with funny Kickstarter campaign

by Kyla Brewer
The Recap Sequence

A hotbed of comedians, classically trained actors and self-made celebrities, Los Angeles, Calif., is the home of rising stars, seasoned veterans and everything in between. It may be the epicentre of the film and television industries, but the area boasts a thriving theatre scene as well.

“ I love to do theatre — it’s great fun and Antaeus is such a great acting group. There’s such an abundance of great actors in that group.”

— Kurtwood Smith, Vernon Masters on “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, drama or even comedy, chances are your favourite actor started out on stage, not onscreen, and for many, theatre remains their first love. One classical theatre company has been capitalizing on the abundance of talent in L.A. for years, and they’ve grown so much, they need a new home. The Antaeus Theatre Company ( has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance their new digs and they’re getting some help from famous members and friends. (more…)

Episode 007 with Agent Carter’s Kurtwood Smith

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On this week’s episode, we can’t wait to share our interview with Kurtwood Smith! You’ll hear about his role as Vernon Masters on “Marvel’s Agent Carter” as well as his current work on Amazon’s “Patriot.” We also learn more about the Antaeus Theatre Company and their current fundraising initiative. Kurtwood is one of many actors raising funds to give L.A.’s Antaeus Theatre Company a new home and you can help too! Read more here.

Ryan is later joined by CHSR Program Director, Mark “The Encaffeinated One” Kilfoil for a look back at Netflix series, “Jessica Jones” and a look ahead to a brand new season of “Daredevil” later this month.

Click here for more information about the Antaeus Theatre Company’s campaign and be sure to tune in Sunday night at 9PM AST (5PM PST)!