Dr. Strange

Episode 108 – The Arc Recap – Mk VIII – Doctor Strange: The Endgame

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The Endgame is afoot as Brent O’Hara takes us on a journey of enlightenment. First stop: Kamar-Taj.

Doctor Stephen Strange’s car accident took away his ability to perform surgical miracles, but his rapid ascent to “Sorcerer Supreme” has granted him so much more. Is Doctor Strange the key to victory in Avengers: Endgame?

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**Poster by André Myette / andremyette.ca

Episode 81 – Infinity War Recap and ECCE Warm-up with Brent O’Hara

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The event 10 years in the making has finally come and now we get to talk about it! Brent O’Hara joins us for the hour to talk Infinity War and this weekend’s main event: the East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton, New Brunswick!

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Episode 34 – Dr. Strange and Marvel-er Things with Brent O’Hara

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By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, Brent O’Hara is back to talk all things Marvel including the Dr. Strange movie, Inhumans on your television, Agents of SHIELD, Ghost Rider(s) and more!

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