Episode 45 – Designated Survivor (and more Survivor!)

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On this week’s episode we’ll talking about the latest high crimes committed in the continuing saga of ABC’s Designated Survivor. It’s safe to say that any concerns that this show may have lost it’s momentum before the midseason break can be put to rest!

We’ll also be taking another look at Jamie and Monster Mike’s Survivor: Game Changers player rankings from a few weeks ago. How is their “final four” holding up? Well, they did get one prediction right!

All of that and more Wednesday, March 22 at 9PM AST/8PM EST on CHSR 97.9 FM!

Episode 44 – Survivoring – with Monster Mike

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Survivor is back with its 34th installment and we’re taking to the airwaves at a special time Wednesday, March 8th so YOU can tune in for the pre-cap AND catch the premiere episode right after!

Be sure to join us at 8PM AST / 7PM EST on CHSR 97.9 FM for our Survivor pre-show. Against the Mat is usually on at that time, but they probably won’t mid us taking over the hour…right?

And best of all, Monster Mike will be there! Survivors ready…go!

Episode 32 – Stayin’ Alive

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It’s survival week on The Recap Sequence!  From Designated Survivor to The Walking Dead to thirty-three seasons of Survivor, this episode is all about stayin’ alive!

Be sure to tune in to CHSR 97.9 FM or catch us online at Wednesday, November 2nd at 9PM/8PM ET.

Want to participate in the show? Tweet us @recapsequence or give us a call (506-452-6056) to chat with us live!