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Episode 117 – Avengers Endgame Recap with Brent O’Hara

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With the spoiler ban lifted by the Russo bros., Brent O’Hara joins us for an official debrief! So…spoiler alert!

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Episode 110 – The Arc Recap – Mk IX: The Amazing Spider-Man

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On this episode of The Arc Recap we get to talk about Spider-man, which (to us) is remarkable considering that ‘ol webhead wasn’t even allowed to play in the MCU until 2016Fast-forward to his heartbreaking disappearance in Infinity War and it’s hard to imagine the MCU without Spider-man! (psst! only 6 weeks until Endgame!)

**Poster by André Myette /

Iron Man 1 and 2 by André Myette

Episode 90 – The Arc Recap Mk I – Tony Stark: The Iron Man

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In the premiere episode of The Arc Recap, Brent O’Hara explores Tony Stark’s unconventional approach to saving the Earth as the (so far) invincible Iron Man!

The Arc Recap returns to CHSR 97.9 FM on September 19th with “Mk II – Steve Rogers: Captain America!”

Poster art by André Myette : / @andremyette