X-Men Apocalypse

Episode 019 – The Flash Season 2 Finale

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On this week’s episode, we’ll talk to Monster Mike about last week’s cliffhanger finale of CW’s “The Flash”. Has Barry gone from narrowly averting an infinite crisis to creating a dangerous time paradox?

“X-Men Apocalypse” gently roared into theatres last week, but with so much ado about “Dawn of Justice” and “Civil War”, how did Marvel’s mutants fare in the box office battle of the titans? We’re happy to share OUR thoughts on the matter!

And finally, with the “summer hiatus” season upon us, “The Recap Sequence” is marching towards its own season finale on July 3rd. Between now and then, Episodes 19 – 22 will be reduced to 30 minutes in length, supplemented by “Speaking of Thrones” on our next few Sunday broadcasts.

BUT – on July 3rd, we will be devoting the full hour to celebrating 50 years of “Star Trek”! It’s no secret that we are huge Trek fans so you can be assured that we’re planning a huge finale to our first season!

We’re not done yet, but it’s never too early to thank our listeners and supporters, so thank you! We’re already looking forward to Season 2!