Episode 006: X-Files Debrief – The End?

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This weekend we sit down with CHSR’s very own Erin Bond and Chris Waddell for a much-needed X-Files debrief. The miniseries ended on Monday night leaving us with more questions than answers! What did you think of the finale? We’ll be sharing our thoughts about the massive cliffhanger ending, as well as our impressions of the other episodes presented during this long-awaited (and probably too-short!) X-Files revival.

Also, The Walking Dead changes gears in a new episode, set 2 months after securing Alexandria. Daryl and Rick rekindle their bromance and meet a new player with mysterious motives. Spencer seeks closure after 2 months of searching – and love is in the air…Discuss!

Be sure to join us Sunday night at 9PM AST (8PM EST) on CHSR 97.9FM!

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