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2017 Barry Awards – Fan Vote!

The Recap Sequence – 2016 Highlights:

Happy New Year!

2016 was a big year for The Recap Sequence! When we debuted on CHSR 97.9 FM in January, we were just a couple of TV fans, jazzed about the return of the X Files and hanging on to hope that Jon Snow was really alive.

Since then, we have produced 35 regular episodes, a 10-episode Speaking of Thrones stand-alone series and one nerdtastic, 2-hour, star-studded Star Trek season one finale episode.

Thanks to a recurring cast of expert contributors, a handful of celebrity guests willing to give us a bit of their time, and most of all, our listeners, we humbly and proudly look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in 2017!

And here’s where you can let us know what you think! It’s Barry Award time and you can vote for your Favorite CHSR Music Show, Favorite CHSR Spoken Word Show and Favorite CHSR Host. Want to see “The Recap Sequence” emblazoned across one of those awards?

Please vote for us in the Favorite CHSR Spoken Word Show category, right here:

2017 Barry Awards Fan Vote

You can also vote for your favorite host. Is it Jamie? Is it Ryan? Is it an adorable lab-cultured Jamie AND Ryan abomination? Or maybe it’s just some other host from some other show – and that’s great too. CHSR has a talented field of contenders to choose from and all are deserving of your vote. That said, we’d love to have yours to kick off our 2017!

To help you decide, why not check out this clip of just a few of our highlights in 2016?

The Recap Sequence – 2016 Highlights

Thanks to all of you for a fantastic year one!

All the best in 2017!

Jamie and Ryan
The Recap Sequence

Episode 006: X-Files Debrief – The End?

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This weekend we sit down with CHSR’s very own Erin Bond and Chris Waddell for a much-needed X-Files debrief. The miniseries ended on Monday night leaving us with more questions than answers! What did you think of the finale? We’ll be sharing our thoughts about the massive cliffhanger ending, as well as our impressions of the other episodes presented during this long-awaited (and probably too-short!) X-Files revival.

Also, The Walking Dead changes gears in a new episode, set 2 months after securing Alexandria. Daryl and Rick rekindle their bromance and meet a new player with mysterious motives. Spencer seeks closure after 2 months of searching – and love is in the air…Discuss!

Be sure to join us Sunday night at 9PM AST (8PM EST) on CHSR 97.9FM!

Episode 001 – Reopening the X-Files

The Recap Sequence debuts on CHSR 97.9FM on Sunday, January 24th at 9:00PM AST / 8:00PM EST!

For our very first show we reopen the X-Files with CHSR Station Manager and superfan, Erin Bond as well as CHSR’s Music Director (and X Files “insider”!), Chris Waddell.

We hope you can tune in to our premiere episode and invite you to join us every Sunday night at 9:00PM (local time) for our weekly show!